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Kalamazoo Outdoor Grill

It’s no secret I love grilling, and I sell brands ranging from Weber and Lynx to, DCS, Traeger, and the top of the line Kalamazoo, to name a few. There are 100’s of grills on the market. Below is just a quick sample of the brands I have sold for years and had great success with.

First, like any appliance, it helps to know what you need and how it’s going to fit into your outdoor kitchen setup. The worst thing is to build in and get locked into a size for a grill that craps out in 2 years, or you can’t get parts. I can’t tell you how many times someone comes in with a question like:

“Hi, do you have a burner and ignitor for Nakamichi? I bought it online 2 years ago, but they have since went out of business.”

I’m like, huh?  So be careful to stick to a name brand.

The next thing to consider once you know the general idea of what you want is to figure out what the budget is. Something like all stainless is a good thing to see and will affect the price. But what is the quality of the stainless? That’s really important as some brands say stainless, but it’s not 304. Brands like Kalamazoo use marine-grade stainless. I have sold a bunch of these over the years to some celebrities out in the Hamptons when the budget isn’t as important as top quality.

So, getting into the actual brands and models of grills I like to recommend, I’ll give you advice on what I sell and use.

To start with, let me explain what I have in my own home and outdoor grilling setup. I have two grills at my home. I have a Weber 6 Burner Genesis and a Lynx 36I find both to be excellent, reasonably priced grills worth investigating.


I’m a Weber guy and will always be. In my experience, Weber has tended to hold the top spot for a quality grill for a while. Many people try other brands only to find their neighbors Weber is still chugging along while their newer model won’t light or hold temp.

As I mentioned above, I use a Weber 6-burner Genesis. I can’t kill it, and I’m on the water! The thing is a beast! That’s a testament to the quality of their construction. This is a Genesis model and they only make it in a 4 burner now.

Weber went to the Summit series in a 6-burner, but I really don’t like it as much. I must be correct because per Weber it will be fully re-designed for 2023.

I think Genesis has better ignition and cooking systems, as crazy as that may sound. The new look for 2023 is a redesigned cart and exterior. They stuck to the tried and true burner and flavor bar system. Weber added features like putting the tank back inside the cart vs outside. They changed the lid design as well and many models are smart grills that with a probe will text you when the food is done.  Weber has a plethora of models to choose from and for me, it is the best bang for the buck. End of the story.

For more info and to purchase one, go to the Weber Grills authorized dealer brand page on Plesser’s

Genesis E-325s | Genesis S-435 | Genesis E-435 | Genesis E-325s | Genesis S-325s | Genesis EX-325s | Genesis SX-325s | Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill | Genesis S-335 | Genesis E-335


Lynx is a brand out of California and uses some heavy-duty cooking parts. Lynx makes an excellent grill. They were bought out a few years ago by Middleby (Viking) so they now share their technology with many of the Viking grills. They opted for a ceramic burner, leaving the Viking grills with their brass burners. That is the main difference between Lynx and Viking grills.

I used to push these Lynx grills more as they were so well made. But with inflation, Lynx’s prices are really getting up there these days so many of my customers are looking for other solutions.

Lynx Pro model (shown above) is their deluxe line. I use one myself the all-sear model. Lynx is an excellent choice for a built-in grill as they make so many accessories from drawers to doors to griddles to sinks you can literally build an entire island of all Lynx products!  Lynx also offers a Sedona line at a lower price point with fewer features. My only complaint is don’t buy a Lynx if you are looking to grill in very windy conditions. Their cook box is too high, and the burners will either blow out, or the heat will reach the top of the panel causing wiring issues.

Overall, the Lynx name is tops when it comes to a built-in grill. It’s also easy to get parts and service! Lynx grills are built to last! They come in 27″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and the super-sized 54″. So many options!

27” L27R-3 | L27TR | 30” L30R-3 | L30TR | L30ATR | 36” L36R-3 | L36TR | L36ATR | 36” LF36ATR | 42” L42R-3 | L42TR | L42ATR | 54” L54TR


DCS is a great choice as well, an established name that I like to recommend. They are probably one of the original built-in grills, they practically started this hi-end built-in grill business.

They make a 7 series and a 9 series similar to Lynx for 2 price and feature points.

DCS 9 Series

DCS 9 series BE136RCN


I love the DCS 9 series. DCS is among the best in high wind environments, if it’s a factor, look towards them as a good model. The burner box being lower may be one of the reasons why. The 9 series from DCS is a great all-around BBQ with high-end features. It even has a charcoal insert for you purists. They have cast stainless grates that will last the test of time a new and improved ignition system and tons of hi-end features.

If you are looking for a full line and something to last 15 years plus, get a DCS.

DCS 7 Series: BGC30-BQ-N | BGC30-BQ-L | BH1-30R-L | BH1-30R-N | BH1-36R-L | BH1-36R-N| BH1-48R-L | BH1-48RS-L | BH1-48RS-N | BH1-48R-N
DCS 9 Series: BE1-36RC-L | BE1-36RC-N | BE1-48RC-L | BE1-48RC-N


Traeger is a well-regarded brand that makes great enthusiast-grade outdoor appliances! The Ironwood Series 885 Pellet Grill is not one to overlook, especially for anyone who prefers a wood fire to a gas fire. This six-in-one pellet grill can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and bbq.

Traeger 885

Traeger Ironwood 885

This smoker does it all. With WiFIRE technology, you can monitor and adjust the grill from anywhere and a pellet sensor lets you know when you are about to run out of pellets.

This smoker is great for entertainers and pitmasters among us. It can hold the equivalent of 10 chickens, 7 racks of ribs, or 9 pork butts. Party for 10 coming right up!

Traeger Ironwood 650 TFB65BLF | Traeger Ironwood 885 TFB89BLF


For the budgetless billionaire lifestyle, I do have some experience in this niche! I recently did a setup in a beach house in Montauk, and the grill alone was more than my first house! The setup cost, get this, $150k!!! In a situation like this I always say go with Kalamazoo it’s just a crazy grill and really a crazy everything. So, I’d think Kalamazoo if no budget. They are just insane and an incredible product. Sold a bunch to some celebrities over the years and that was pretty cool!

Kalamazoo Grill

Look at the wheel of the Gaucho! That’s a real outdoor showpiece.

Kalamazoo has been called by many one of the best Grills money can buy, and I’m not here to debate that! If your budget is limitless or you would rather just cook outside and skip a more affordable kitchen, Kalamazoo is the best of the best!    

Kalamazoo offers the finest in materials and workmanship you can buy, each grill is hand-built and signed by the team who assembled it. It’s like the Rolls Royce of the grilling industry.

Kalamazoo Gaucho grill models: K750GB built-in Gaucho grill | K750GT freestanding Gaucho grill | K750GS freestanding Gaucho grill with side burner

While models and series can change and develop over time these are some solid brands that I can recommend! They provide either excellent value or excellent performance. Some of these even walk the line and can do both!

Comment below and share with me what your favorite grill is!

Interested in purchasing Kalamazoo outdoor appliances? Head to or call 1-877-957-5377 and tell them Al sent you!




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