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Great brands deserve to be in the spotlight. We want to connect with appliance partners looking to be seen and heard by a community of appliance experts, novices, and everyone in-between. If you are a brand, manufacturer, influencer, or making an impact in the appliance industry, we’d love to talk!

Becoming a Just Ask AL Partner isn’t a way of buying the golden ticket onto the screens of our community members. Our partners are brought into the community based on their industry credibility and a clear want to improve the lives of appliance users with their knowledge and products. When you become a Just Ask AL Partner, we’ll help give you additional tools to keep telling your story and showing the world what you have to offer.

What is Just Ask AL?

Just Ask AL, The Appliance Expert was started as a Facebook group wanting to help give consumers real and honest appliance answers. AL and team have worked to create a growing community of 85,000+ users that trust our insider knowledge to help solve their appliance problems, questions, and interests. We’ve helped thousands of consumers find their dream appliance in a sea of choices and now we want to help your brand and product find their perfect fit in the homes of new customers.

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