A History of A-List Advice

Just Ask AL (JAAL), The Appliance Expert™ is not an appliance store, nationwide chain, or salesman. JAAL is an appliance community open 24/7.

We’re not in the game for making a sale and won’t beat around the bush when we’re answering your questions. Instead, we want to help you find your next dream appliance and quick fix with our candid, honest reviews of any appliance. Our team has decades of industry know-how and is excited to share our insider tips with YOU!

Who is Al

Who's AL?

Meet AL, the face you know as the witty and informative persona of Just Ask AL. Al’s 30+ years of industry experience has let him see it all when it comes to buying, selling, servicing, and working with appliances and manufacturers. With a desire to share his tips and tricks with lost appliance buyers, Just Ask AL was created to answer the most simple and complex questions about all things appliances.

From Facebook to Community

JAAL is more than just one appliance expert, sharing his knowledge. It represents a growing community of 85,000+ people seeking opinions and advice on their next appliance purchase from trusted experts and fellow appliance owners. We started as a small Facebook group hoping to help a handful of people needing accurate and truthful information in a sea of appliance choices and sales pitches. Now we’ve grown to be the go-to place for unbiased, A-list advice from AL himself all the way down to first-time homeowners, seasoned grill-masters, rookie bakers, handymen, and everyone in between.

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