Al's Top 3 Mid-Range Appliance Packages

I often get asked what my favorite appliance packages are. Most frequently, what is the best mid-range appliance package? So here you go! I decided to write about three of my top mid-level appliance packages. 

I decided to format these as good, better, and best. Starting with Fridigiare Gallery, moving up to LG, then GE Café. These appliance packages strike a balance between the barebones offerings at the bottom of each brand’s lineup and the expensive lavish appliances in these brands’ top-tier choices. The perfect balance between price, performance, and aesthetics. 

Al's Approved Mid-Range Appliance Bundle, Frigidaire Gallery

Good Mid-Range Appliances: Frigidaire Gallery

Refrigerator: Frigidaire Gallery GRMC2273BF

Dishwasher: Frigidaire Gallery FGIP2479SF

Microwave: Frigidaire Gallery GMOS1962AF

Range: Frigidaire Gallery: FGGH3047VF

Frigidaire is a pillar of the appliance game. They make an impressive standard lineup. But, the Frigidaire Gallery series is a step up in quality and features. Frigidaire’s Gallery line sits above their standard line, which is geared towards well-made appliances with an emphasis on budget. In the Gallery line, they keep the quality going. The Frigidaire Gallery line focuses on bringing the Frigidaire guts into a sleek mid-range unit! 

Dishwasher: FGIP2479SF 

The Frigidaire FGIP2479SF is a well-made and quiet dishwasher, but most importantly, it cleans and dries very well! One notable advanced feature is the automatic cycle adjustment. This nifty piece of tech can adjust the cycle, lengthening it if your dishes need some more TLC and shortening it to save water.

Microwave: GMOS1962AF

The Frigidaire GMOS1962AF model right here is a simple microwave with great sensor cooking features and good filters for an over-the-range microwave. Perfect for melting chocolate and cheese plus getting light smoke and grease out of the kitchen.

Refrigerator: GRMC2273BF

This is a solid counter-depth refrigerator that combines a lot of popular features I get asked about, the always-popular french doors, and the convertible drawer right between the freezer and the fridge. With the space and capability to hold anything from frozen pizzas to yogurt to beers! 

Range: FGGH3047VF

This range is very solid and has great features to elevate your cooking! A favorite of mine is the air fry feature baked into the oven. The oven isn’t the only aspect of this range that brings the heat! The burners have two favorite features of mine, the quick boil burner that maxes out at 18,000 BTUs and a large oval burner to elevate your griddle game. 

Al's Approved Mid-Range Appliance Bundle, LG

Better Mid-Range Appliances: LG

Refrigerator: LG LRFLC2706S

Dishwasher: LG LDT7808SS

Microwave: LG MHEC1737F

Range: LG LSGL6337F

LG makes some dependable, high-quality appliances with an emphasis on having new technological features! Their knock-to-show instaview technology is a favorite of mine! Besides instaview, other technological highlights in this package are the convection and air fry capable microwave and the efficient “Quadwash” system on this dishwasher! Overall, if you want a modern appliance with smart features at a mid-range price point, LG is an excellent choice. 

Refrigerator: LRFLC2706S

LG has greatly improved their refrigeration game! They pride themselves on having the largest capacity counter depth fridges on the market. They even call this counter-depth MAX! This particular model has great cooling features, such as their “door cooling+” which uses blasts of cold air to cool all of the refrigerators! No more will the doors be warmer than the rest of the fridge! Combined with internal wall panels to keep the cold in, alongside the more reliable internal water dispenser, this model is a great choice. 

Dishwasher LDT7808SS

This dishwasher has some great quality-of-life features to it. I think the racks give you a lot of flexibility and fewer headaches! The premium glide rails make the racks catching or sliding unevenly a thing of the past. Combined with the EasyRack system that affords you so many options, whether it’s making room for tall wine glasses at the top, or making room for a huge pot in the bottom rack. You have options with this dishwasher! 

Microwave: MHEC1737F 

This microwave does a lot! Whether it’s air frying, convection baking/cooking, or just simple microwaving you’re covered with this model. One unique feature is LG’s “Scan-to-cook” mode which allows you to scan the barcode of participating products to set the correct cooking time and power level! It even does this over multiple “stages” all while telling you to let it stand or stir! 

Range LSGL6337F

This is a great range that has all of the features that make the LG range stand out. It has air fry, convection, smart capabilities, and more! Like their “Fastest boiling burner,” LG’s “Air sous vide,” and instaview tech. Boil the water fast while you check on the food without sacrificing any heat!

Best Mid-Range Appliance Package: GE Café

Refrigerator: GE Café CXE22DP2PS1

Dishwasher: GE Café CDT875P2NS1

Microwave: GE Café CVM517P2RS1

Range: GE Café CGS750P2MS1

Al's Approved Mid-Range Appliance Bundle, Cafe

GE Café appliances are among the best appliance lines out there! This package is incredible for not only its price, but also its aesthetics! They strike a balance between the quality of GE and the stylings of a top-end brand. 

One highlight of this package is that it comes with a first-of-its-kind appliance for the Café brand! The refrigerator, CXE22DP2PS1, will be the first counter-depth 4-door refrigerator from Café! Another noteworthy aspect of this package is the versatility of the microwave! Air fry and convection, in addition to the “chef connect” feature. Chef connect allows your over-the-range microwave to talk to your stovetop to vent while cooking!

Refrigerator: CXE22DP2PS1

As mentioned this refrigerator, CXE22DP2PS1, will be the first counter-depth 4-door refrigerator from Café! This extra drawer ranges from 23 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Frozen food, meats, beverages, wine, you name it and this drawer can store it! Combined with the external dispensers for maximum convenience and a spacious, well-lit interior, this fridge is a must!

Dishwasher: CDT875P2NS1

This dishwasher took a note from Café’s ovens, it features “Dual Convection Ultra Dry.” This is a feature I’m used to seeing on ranges and wall ovens, not dishwashers! This is a promising development though and I hope it can improve the drying time and quality of the Café’s dishwashers. 

Microwave: CVM517P2RS1

This microwave is the perfect addition to this package! It features air-frying capabilities and excellent sensor cooking to help you make incredible meals in a flash!

Range: CGS750P2MS1

The Café CGS750P2MS1 is a solid double oven range that can do some incredible things if you have it connected to Wi-Fi, it can receive over-the-air updates such as GE’s “Turkey Mode,” “Steakhouse Mode.” Or you can even add no-preheat air fry! 

There you have it! Here are three great Al-Approved appliance packages with the expert’s seal of approval! Whether you start your appliance search here and mix and match what offerings from each brand are best for you, or you want an appliance package without having to think about it, I hope this has helped! 

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