Zline, Thor and NXR. Which of these three entry level professional ranges is the best for the least?

Zline Range and Hood

One question I get asked a lot is: What do you think of Zline, Thor, NXR Ranges/Cooktops/Rangetops? That is a great question! They are great-looking ranges, cooktops, and rangetops, and that is before we get into the price tag. So, what is there not to love?

First, we should understand the category these ranges fall into, what they are, and what they are not. The first piece of info on these brands we can learn comes from their product pages. We can find out what their value propositions are. There is a big emphasis on value! These are premium styled ranges at an affordable price. This is even the first feature listed on some of their pages under. 

“Why Choose Zline Professional Ranges/Rangetops/Cooktops?”

“On average, ZLINE Ranges are 50-60% less expensive compared to similar products on the market.”

Zline 60 inch rnage

The same goes for NXR on their about us page:

“With the motto Affordable Luxury, NXR set out to bring higher-end products at affordable prices to the indoor kitchen & outdoor grilling industry. And all the while reaching a broader customer base and giving them a more professional style of cooking with the NXR products. Everything we do is centered around realizing the lifestyle of your dreams and bringing it to your home.”

NXR Range

Lastly, a quick look into the Rule of Threes and Thor’s Who We Are page tells us more of the same!

“Professional design. Premium power and performance. Appliances that bring oohs and ahhs before the first dish even hits the table. And the utterly fantastic news? You don’t have to decide between a new car or a new kitchen suite to step into them. Seriously. You can get an entire suite of handsomely designed and meticulously crafted Thor Kitchen appliances for less than the price of someone else’s hyped-up, absurdly priced range alone.”

Thor Range

Looking through these pages, it’s not too hard to understand where these brands come into play in the grand scheme of the industry, and what they pride themselves on. “Power, Performance, and Affordability” are the main takeaways here. They strike a balance between a standard range from the likes of GE and Frigidaire and the stunning luxury and pricing of a Wolf or Thermador range. They trade features like Wi-Fi connectivity and no preheat air fry and the built to last, tank-like quality of a Wolf/Thermador. 

So, three brands of range, range tops, and cooktops. All in the value-engineered, quality over flashy features, and affordability over ultra-premium longevity. A pretty straightforwards case to buy this category that even Thor seems to understand.

These are beautiful-looking ranges/cooktops/rangetops with minimal bells and whistles. But the styling is up there with the professional appliances, all for a fraction of the cost!

All that being said, that leads us to the big question. Which one does Just Ask Al recommend?! Zline, Thor, or NXR? 

I have varying experiences and opinions on these brands. Zline, Thor, and NXR are in a similar category. So, they all must have a similar quality, service, and overall organization behind them. Right? Wrong! 

One of these brands I find to be head and shoulders above the other two! And it’s Zline! In my experience, Thor should stick to the comic books and movies, and to be honest, NXR is cheaper for a reason. Their appliances are just made of lower-quality parts.

Zline’s site really sums it up best, in my opinion.

“Zline brings the best quality-to-price ratio in the industry. We stand by our products with our generous warranty.”

I have to agree! Zline hits the perfect balance in quality to price. But most importantly it has a reliable service network and warranty. That makes Zline my go-to piece! I find that Zline has not only the highest quality in the category, but if a problem comes up, they are the best when it comes to getting not only a dependable, solid range but they stand by their products when it comes to parts and service. Thor and NXR both fall short when it comes to after-sale service and tends to leave customers with beautiful hunks of metal that just don’t work, or maybe even worse a big hunk of metal where you have to tell guests “only one burner/oven works” and then defend your choice to them.

Zline range in kitchen with a hood

Zline is my top choice in this category price point in power, durability, parts, and service, you name it! If you’re considering a professional-styled range that will hold up to use and *knock on wood* (maybe the wood on that stunning hood) if anything goes wrong, they have the parts and service network to stand by their work!

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with these brands! Do you have any of these three? Send me a picture or your thoughts on these brands for a free Just Ask Al mug! Looking for more information on any of these brands, be sure to browse through our forum or ask your very own question.

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