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If there is a need in the appliance industry, very often manufacturers find a way to satisfy it. I was particularly excited about this new product from Zephyr which is a kegerator and beverage cooler all in one! How cool is that! Upgrade your indoor and outdoor entertaining with this piece. This hybrid kegerator accommodates multiple configurations and will function as a beverage cooler when there is no keg installed. I think it’s a really smart design and idea, now this dual-purpose piece will get the use it deserves.

Indoor Model # PRKB24C01AG

Outdoor Model # PRKB24C01AS-OD

Check out the possible configurations:

  •  Single Tap | (1) sixth barrel keg or (1) slim quarter barrel keg + 53 cans
  •  Single Tap | (1) half barrel keg
  •  Double Tap | (2) sixth barrel kegs or (2) slim quarter barrel kegs
  •  Triple Tap | (3) sixth barrel kegs
  •  No Tap | 107 12oz cans

Which setup would you choose? These configurations give you the possibility to change and alter the setup as needed. Not currently entertaining much? Swap out the setup to store sodas, waters and juices for the family! Ready for a big party? Reconfigure the unit to hold a half barrel keg. The unit offers a beer line cooling system which blows cool air onto the beer line to reduce foam and keep beer cool from start to finish!

Additionally, the Presrv Kegerator and Beverage Cooler offers 3-color led lighting options in deep blue, cloud white and amber. Currently, the outdoor model only comes in the cloud white color. A stainless steel drip tray is included to prevent any liquids that may fall from the tap, from making a mess on the countertop. Optional accessories include casters and a drink guardrail for use in free standing locations.

3-Color LED Lighting in Deep Blue 3-Color LED Lighting in Cloud White 3-Color LED Lighting in Amber

Zephyr brings this unit to us at an affordable price under $2,000. Plus, the unit is backed with their 2-year warranty on parts and labor along with a 5-year warranty on the compressor. Now, who’s ready to upgrade their entertaining status?




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