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      My Whirlpool side by side GC3JHAXTS01 occasionally discharges water from the front corners.  I also find a frozen sheet of ice in the freezer floor beneath the bottom basket.  I cleaned out a lot of pet hair and dust from the floor vents on the front.  My searches have yielded conflicting information.  Most of them point to clogs in a duckbill grommet on the defrost drain tube.  My question is this:  I see a lot of conflicting information about clearing potential clogs, but the owner’s manual and Whirlpool’s website are silent on the issue.  Do I *have* to completely defrost the unit?  Do I *have* to take off the rear panel, or is there access from inside the freezer compartment?

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      What I have seen over the years from the repair guys is they remove the back panel on the rear of the fridge for full drain tube access and clean it from there. It is model-specific, so remove the back rear panel first and see if you can access there first as that is the easiest to get to. What you are describing is a clogged drain. When the water can’t drain, it puddles and freezes. Time for a good cleaning, and you will be set for many years to come. Defrost it, clean it thoroughly, replace the tube, and you will see no more ice build-up.

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