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      I previously had a front load washer. It always smelled bad. We are looking at new washer/dryer for a new build. I am not sure I want to go front load again. I was looking at various top load without the agitator. Is this a good way to go? I liked the front load for capacity but hated the stink!!

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      So front loaders have advanced a lot in recent years. Brands like GE now have the ultra-fresh vent inside and the micro ban material that helps eliminate bacteria. Many other brands added a fan and a clean cycle as well. The trick is always to maintain it by running a cleaning cycle once a week and wiping the gasket dry. A top loader will not have the issue as there is no door gasket to hold moisture, and it drains the tub 100%. If you want to go top load, look at LG 7300 or above units. They make a great top loader. No agitator will give you more room as well. However, I like the agitator action it moves the clothes better to get cleaner. Check out this new machine from LG. It is a top load super capacity 4.8 with an agitator. Best of both worlds! -Al



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