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      We currently have a stand alone microwave, but would love to regain that counter space. Our range hood is ancient and needs replaced, but we’re not sure if putting the microwave there is best for us. We have room for a row of lower cabinets which would potentially house the microwave.  Mobility isn’t an issue and while we don’t use it often, we’re not ready to get rid of it entirely.

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      Over the stove is always the best bet as it is such a space saver, and if a hood there requires little to no work. What you need to measure is the stovetop top bottom of the cabinet. You need 30″ from the stove to the bottom of the cabinet. That will give you the proper clearance you need. If you don’t have that, then you can always do a micro drawer built-in under the counter or just put one on a shelf below the counter for ease as well.


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