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      Are there smart ovens that connect to an app or your phone like other appliances (washer, dryer, etc.) can?

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      Yes, many brands today make smart appliances that require a wifi connection in the home. While not necessary to operate the appliance, it provides useful features like telling you when laundry is done. The oven can be preheated remotely. Plus, brands like GE have now added cameras in their oven cavities. So if you’re truly bored, you can watch food cook. Even Google and Alexa can control appliances, “Hey Google, preheat oven to 350”.
      That’s not where we are headed. It’s where we are! Don’t be afraid of the words smart or wifi as many units. You can just bypass that feature by not connecting. However, brands like LG entice you on their laundry to connect to the app by adding hidden cycles not on the machine only to be found in the app.

      Appliances are becoming smarter than us. I miss the dumb appliances, they lasted longer. -Al

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