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      Does it damage oven to use the self cleaning function?

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      An age-old question. They make self-cleaning then why wouldn’t it be safe to use? In my expert opinion, since I’m hoping that’s what you’re here for, is yes it does. I can’t tell you how many times over the years it has caused control panels to fail, door locks to get stuck, etc. This is why so many brands have shifted to the “steam clean” method these days. This is also why newer stoves are noisier, as they keep adding cooling fans. If you were to self-clean cycle, my advice is to use the shortest time frame so, do it more often vs. say a 5 or 6 hour cycle. Keep in mind any stove you can steam clean by putting it at a moderate temperature and a pan of water in a tray. This will help lift the grease accumulated on the walls and make it easy to wipe out. Easy off makes a self-clean safe product as well that works well.

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