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      • Hi Al & community! First, excited about this website! And now my question: We have limited space in our laundry room and would like to know recommendations for a washer & dryer that can fit into a space 53” wide (both appliances). Thanks so much!
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      Thank you! And don’t forget just for registering you have a chance to win an appliance set so good luck!

      Standard washer is usually 27″ wide and dryers are either 27″ or 29″ for the most part. I said mostly as if you are talking front loaders some can be 29″. So you have 53″ and that is tight, I don’t want to say go for a 24″ wide machine as the capacity is too small, so here is where I can help look at the Speed Queen washer TR5003WN as it is narrow at  25 5/8  then pair it with their matching dryer at 26 5/8  butter up the sides and your good. It is my go-to in tight spaces because the washer being an inch under 27 is a life saver! Besides, what fantastic machines they are!

      Here is the link:



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