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      Sheila Ferrell

      Thing about an induction cook top. I really wanted gas but it will be some time in 2022.  Propane providors say I won’t use enough propane!  So, I’m thinking Induction will be the next best thing?  Pros Cons?  Better or best model?

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      So I do agree as running just a cooktop on propane a service provider may not want to invest the time and money for a tank and running the lines. Won’t be cost-effective for them. To be honest, induction is a fantastic choice, many people swear by them. The pros are efficiency, heat control, speed, reliability,  cons may be expense, use of magnetic cookware, and the fragility of a glass top. The pros always outweigh the cons here for me.  Really no better or best to be exact but some do have higher quality inductors. Entry-level maybe a Frigidaire pro, mid-level like a Kitchen Aid, and the top is the Thermador Freedom which allows you to place the pot anywhere as the micro inductors will sense the pan.    Freedom Induction Link

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