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      Why are Refrigerators so expensive these days?

      inhave a 25 in wide refrigerator in a custom cabinet frame most of the new sizes are too wide / tall or either too small. What would u suggest other than remodeling the entire kitchen.  Because My budget can’t handle that right now.


      Thank you!

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      Like everything, prices go up over time. But these are strange pandemic times. The supply chain is severely disrupted, causing manufacturers to raise prices like never before. In 27 years in the business, I have never seen so many prices increases at such a large amount ever. Viking went up in the Summer and recently announced another 15-20% increase. That is so crazy to me. Supply issues are causing hyperinflation everywhere. Fridges change sizes over the years, and today 25 is not a common size 24″ wide is around 60″ – 64″ tall. Look at the Summit brand. They have many smaller choices and odd sizes not found in other brands.

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