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      Although I’ve had my new oven rechecked by a professional & he says its ok it still does not seem to cook with correct temperature as shown on dial.  It takes much longer to cook the same dish than it did in my old oven. Both electric.  Maybe you have an idea?

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      Ovens may use different thermostats. Some may pre-heat past 400 by 25 degrees on initial heat up by design to compensate for heat loss. Or a door opening to add food. Some brands heat to precisely 400. If you put a manual thermometer in and read it after it gets to temp on the panel, that will tell you a lot. Rack placement, insulation, and convection fan power are some variables too. But it is very possible to cook slightly differently in 2 ovens at the same temp. Always good to hang a thermometer on the rack you can read through the window to check the exact internal temp.

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