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      Are microwave drawers worth the huge price tag?  Are they difficult to clean if something splatters inside and gets all over?  Or do you recommend a traditional microwave?

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      So, they 100% are if placing a micro under the counter they are the best. I sell them all the time to rave reviews. Keep in mind a microwave with the trim kit can be around $500-650 for the pair if not more. The basic micro drawers start at $850-$1299. I think they function great, look great and are easy to use. Cleaning is a breeze, now if something splatters where it gets up top it’s a little tricky, but you just need to wipe away with a sponge.  The base model is the Sharp KB6524 keep in mind they make almost all of em in the market. I have been using one since the day they came out and will continue to.


      A drawer microwave

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