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      The bottom freezer and ice maker has stopped working on my LG refrigerator. The freezer is still cold but it is not freezing anything and everything in it has defrosted. The refrigerator is still working just fine. We are wondering if it is something we can fix or if it is a lost cause and we will need to purchase a whole new unit.

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      It is very possible that the coils have frozen over behind the back wall of the freezer, and it’s causing a defrost issue. If you are handy, I would unplug the unit and see if you can access the back panel. The fact you say the ice maker stopped as well is making me think there is an ice blockage somewhere behind the wall in the freezer, so try defrosting first. Now, what caused this can be several things, but that may get you up and running for now before you can get a tech in.

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