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      We are doing kitchen reno and managing the project ourselves. We hired hvac company and installed hard duct to the hood position. We are ordering cabinet hood to fit specifically to the ventahood insert. Now ordering the insert itself from appliance dealer…. Question is who I should rely on for installing the insert? Will it be the cabinet installer, hvac company ,or the appliance store? What is the best way to connect low voltage transformer for makeup air unit to the ventahood insert?

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      great question I always run into the blame game on these. HVAC guy I usually like as they will handle the make up air at the same time and hook up the duct work properly. If not use a certified appliance installer from the store but they may not be familiar with the make up air kit is what I have seen to often. The make up air kit uses a pressure switch so no need to hookup to the hood wiring itself.


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