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      What is the best refrigerator?

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      So if you are talking freestanding counter depth, the Bosch 800 series with the dual compressor setup is the best out there today. The Bosch 800 is reliable, has plenty of space, and has a great cooling system! If you are talking overall the best refrigerator out there, I can only say Sub-Zero. I feel they are committed to quality and always have been. They last the longest out of any refrigerator on the market.

      For instance, during these tough pandemic backorders, everyone is shocked that they are 6-9 months to get a new Sub Zero. The reason for this is that I have found out is the owner refuses to source the cheaper, inferior, yet in-stock parts. They would rather lose sales than lower the quality. So if you want the best, you wait. As painful as it is to some, I give them total credit for keeping quality their main priority!

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