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      Hello! After several weeks of bragging in the FB group about how my 11 year old Samsung dishwasher is still alive and kicking, I discovered first spot of rust on the lower rack this evening and it’s kind of substantial. My immediate thought was to just purchase a replacement lower rack but the price gave me sticker shock. I found some used replacements but I’m just not feeling it and thinking this may be my sign that’s its probably time to put the old girl to rest. I was hoping someone could help recommend a good replacement dishwasher that plays well with hardwater that we have here in denver? We’ve been fortunate enough with the Samsung (though a VERY basic model) to get away with using only finish tabs and the occasional vinegar rinse for so long that I’ve been a bit spoiled. A lot has changed in the world of dishwashers and the thought of purchasing a new one has me a bit anxious! Change is hard! TIA!

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      So, I would suggest getting a water test kit first. See the hardness of the water, so you know the proper setting for the new dishwasher. Many models offer a spot for dishwasher salt. This is designed to lower the water hardness and has an adjustable setting based on the test results. I would look at the Bosch lineup. As they offer a full assortment of models with a water softener feature, and it’s usually my go-to unit. Miele is well known for this as well, but the price may be higher. Frigidaire and some Whirlpool models if you want to be at a lower budget price point. I would skip the LG and Samsung brands here.

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