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      Hi Al,

      First off, love the website! Congratulations!!!

      I have a 2 year old GE Unitized washer/dryer unit. I have written before about the noise and it more times than not, spins out of balance…regardless of the wash load or weight. Until I can replace it, I will learn to deal with it!! :mrgreen:

      My question – once in a while, when I close the washer lid when the washer is filling with water, the unit will fill but then nothing happens. I have to turn it off to reset and use the drain and spin cycle and start over.  That usually fixes the issue.

      Also once I have selected a wash type and a water level, as I load the laundry I realize that I need to change the water level.   Once I change it, it seems to throw the unit off and it stops …are the electronics on these new units so sensitive that you cannot change mid cycle the water level?

      Once I replace, any washers and dryers with old fashioned knob controls still out there and not the motherboard set ups?


      Thank you!!!!!

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      Thank you for posting here. To be really honest those machines just drive me nuts, from the load sensing to the electronics its like if you don’t turn it on in a certain sequence the machine gets confused and you need to reset it. I think the load sensor maybe the issue why its not starting all the time.  As far as I am aware once a load starts there is no way to reset the water levels on these. Its like you set it it starts and you would need to cancel drain and start over to change it.  They are buggy and suffer from intermittent issues the truth is you seem to have come to grips that this is it.  When your ready for  your next unit holler at me and lets get something that isn’t so sensitive. By the way we are giving away a free kitchen to a random member but in the Spring I will probably do a laundry giveaway so maybe you can get lucky. Again appreciate you posting but I think the machines today are so computerized , I wish it was like 20 years ago and they made dumb appliances again they just worked better and were easier to use.

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