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      GE Profile Artica Side-by-Side
      Model: PSS26SGRESS

      The front-facing surface of the center partition btwn fridge/freezer compartments measures a 115° from top to bottom. The consistency in temperature leads me to believe this is by design, perhaps auto-defrost or similar, though no one in this family of four has ever noticed the phenomenon over the years.

      I used an IR camera to confirm extents of heated surface. Heat is NOT detected in door, at or near the thru-door dispenser and limited to door seal mating surface of freezer compartment. I used a IR thermometer to confirm 115° surface temperature along cabinet partition. The parts diagram shows no heat elements in the cabinet. Unit documentation doesn’t advise the possibility of feeling heat from the fridge surfaces beneath the door seals. Were the heat caused by a defrost cycle, I would expect it to disappear. However, the surface has been hot to the touch for the past three days.

      I’m stumped.

      Thoughts? Suggestions?


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      try cleaning the condenser coils or check the fan it could cause the gap to stay hot if not dissipating the heat quickly enough.

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