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      Any suggestion on which type of stove to buy gas vs electric?


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      A lot of this is based on the utilities in the home and the type of cooking you do. If you are doing a standard 30″. then Induction offers a safe, efficient, hi-speed cooking method that is sought out these days. Once you go to 36″ or above. I would push you towards an all-gas with larger sizes, grill/griddle options, and a better price point. Many people opt for a dual fuel range. They like the gas flame on top for control but then go for an electric oven for even heating. I personally use gas and find it to be the best. I like to see the flame and love a gas broiler. In the end, it’s personal preference and a budget that usually dictates it.

      Electric: safer, less expensive, easier to clean, priced well in a 30″ size.
      Electric Induction: faster response time, better heat control, requires special pans cost-effective 30″.
      Gas: better heat control, comes in varying sizes 30″-60″ offers an electric oven on select models, open flame, price.

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