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      Martine St John

      would like to know the width of your gas ranges to work on spacing of appliances in my kitchen

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      Thank you for the question! It’s a good one because often, people take appliance sizing for granted and when doing a new kitchen, every inch matters. Here are the basic sizing and guidelines for ranges.


      20″ basic apartment stove for small spaces

      24″ basic stove for tight spots a few high-end brands makes some in this size

      30″ This is your industry-standard universal stove found in most homes today and gives you the most choices in sizing colors and features. Some units come as double ovens in a 30 as well.

      36″ This is when you want more professional style cooking and spacing on the cooktop and oven size, price points jump here as well.

      48″ This will also be a pro range style and offers the addition of a smaller half-size oven, so you get dual cavities.

      60″ This is for the extreme chefs who want two 30″ ovens in one unit.


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