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      I hate my washing machine!. We moved into our place 4 years ago and inherited a front loading washing machine. Preciously we had a top loding machine that was perfectly fine, no issues.
      The front loading machine has this mold around the ring despite leaving it open to air dry and cleaning it regularly. How do I get rid of this mold?

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      If you hate it, then I hate it! So front loaders have had improvements over the years, and the big one is odor control. By nature of the machine, the water never fully pumps out, and the gasket remains moist, attracting smelly bacteria and mold over time if not cleaned regularly. Many machines now have specific cleaning cycles using bleach or affresh cleaning tablets. Ge now makes a machine with a microban gasket that mold won’t grow on, and it even has an ultra-fresh feature that utilizes the tub turning with a fan and a vent in the door opens. This has really worked well and so far taken care of the mold issue.
      For now, run some bleach and wipe the gasket down thoroughly as well. Unfortunately in yours, the bacteria has taken hold of it is very hard to get rid of on the inner components. Try some affresh tabs a few times and some cycles of bleach to see if that helps.

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