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      It finally got processed I CANT BELIEVE IT. Ordered in May and hopefully delivered in Jan…although I will believe it when these babies are shoved into the fridge hole created specifically for them.

      Anyway I called to make sure I was getting all the parts needed for install and the guy said yes. But I thought you said there was another part needed that places are failing to tell customers about. Here is my order…am I missing anything?


      thank yewwwwwwwwwww

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      So happy for you. What is needed is the  built in trim kit of you are putting them next to each other and want that stainless trim around it, that is more optional but 99% of all people buy it, What is needed is the “heater kit” called a twins pairing kit. It consists of 2 heating mats one for each unit and a power supply to plug them in. Looks like your purchase says it but to be sure call them and confirm as a trim kit and a pairing kit are two separate items but very possible if you bought the trim they threw it in. Once installed please come back and post a photo!

      Frigidaire Twins Heater Kit Frigidaire Twins Trim

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