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      Hi Al!

      Are you seeing that the Frigidaire Twins are becoming more readily available, or are they going to be indefinitely hard to come by?  Is the similar Electrolux easier to find?

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      Excellent question and you kind of beat me to the punch. On my Facebook group I was asked this, and I said wait it out as they are shipping and Electrolux will be after. Well, I need to do an about face, I just hung up with my factory inside guy and he said they are so backed up on parts for the Frigidaire specifically door bins there products are barely moving. He said believe it or not the Electrolux backorders were small in comparison and use a different bin so he feels that is the better choice right now. They already started shipping these units out the door.

      This does change as we know there are 60 container ships literally sitting off the coast of Cali right now, but my best up to date info is throw a backorder in for the Electrolux and you may be pleasantly surprised that it will come sooner than anticipated.

      Good luck! They will be worth it in the end.

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