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      I love the option of using part of the freezer space as refrigerator space. We have an upright freezer in the garage, so freezer space is never an issue. However, sometimes fridge space can be tight. The only fridge I’ve found with this option is a Samsung which, well we’ve all heard the horror stories of Samsung. Is there another, more reliable brand that has this option? Or is Samsung really as bad as everyone claims?

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      So you are partially correct Samsung is very well known for their “Flex Zone” technology and although I beat on them a little the quad door does work pretty well.  I would recommend looking into this unit from Fisher Paykel as it seems to be a more reliable option and has a “variable temp zone” you can change the bottom right compartment to a fridge as well so you do have another better option.  This unit has a water dispenser with ice in the freezer. So you have more shelf space internally.  Fisher Paykel Quad Door

      Model # RF203QDUVX1


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