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      I have had LG front load washers and dryers in my last 2 houses. The dryers always had the wrinkle-free setting that would toss the laundry every few minutes if I was busy or did not hear it stop and did not remove it immediately. My clothes never really wrinkled. We moved to Florida and this house has an LG front load washer and dryer. There is no wrinkle free setting! My husband is hard of hearing and always has the TV on too loud for me to hear the buzz when the dryer stops. I find my clothes often wrinkle if I am even a little late removing them from the dryer. My question is do all front load dryers have a wrinkle-free option and is this option always missing on front load dryers? I can not find a way to be sure the dryer has that as most do not say. I am thinking of getting the LG washtower to save room in our small laundry room, but cannot tell if that is an option on those dryers either. It is a feature I really need in any set I will buy. How can I be sure as I have to purchase online?

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      The WashTower does have wrinkle release. What is new is the APP so if you are tech savvy or have a smart phone the dryer will text you when done so you will always know when it’s finished.

      Per the manual: Wrinkle release is selected the dryer will tumble periodically for 3 hours or until the door is opened! Here is the full cycle list:

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