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      Paige S.

      My husband and I are looking to buy a dishwasher for our house, which has never had one. What tools do we need? What does the setup look like? And what kind of dishwasher is best?

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      So for a new dishwasher install best placement is adjacent to a sink to make installation easier. You will need:

      1. A 24″ opening in the cabinet countertop height. (they do make a few 18″ wide units)
      2. Electrical outlet 110-volt dedicated circuit in the adjacent cabinet is best
      3. 3/8 waterline copper or steel braided “T’eed of your hot water line
      4.  Connection on the sink drain trap for dirty water discharge.

      These are your basic requirements for installation. You should use a qualified plumber when doing a new install to ensure proper draining and filling etc.


      Dishwasher brands to give you years of trouble-free service would be KitchenAid, Maytag, and Bosch.

      The hardest part of all is getting the kids to load it! My kids think dishes grow legs and walk from the sink to the dishwasher.


      Good luck!

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