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      Hi –

      I’m one of those crazy people who did a major addition/whole house reno during the pandemic and as part of the kitchen reno, I purchased a Thermador package under the One Two Free deal.  I also bought a Sharp microwave drawer, all from the same local appliance store.  I upgraded the Emerald dishwasher to the Star Sapphire for $500 additional.

      Although the initial order showed my Thermador DWHD770WFP in stock, by the time we were ready for delivery 6 months later, it was the only piece that was NOT delivered at that time and now it was back-ordered.  The original order placed August 4, 2021, delivery Feb 1 2022.   And I’m still waiting for the Sapphire dishwasher and have inquired 3 times about the item.   The store has been less than helpful.   I learned that my DWHD770WFP was canceled and replaced with item DWHD760CFP.  What is this?

      My question is regarding this other model 760CFP – how does it differ from what I ordered?  I see that it’s 2 dcb louder.  I see that it’s running $300 less than the Star Sapphire model I ordered.     Does this have the Pro series handles which my other pieces have?  What other features are different?

      I feel like I’m in a bait and switch scenario and want to understand product differences.  I’m also aware that the Radiance models are ready to launch.  Unfortunately I had a trouble with the delivery from this store as well.

      Thanks for any info!


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      Here is the transition guide at first I thought he screwed up but looks like per Thermador that is the replacement. Here is the exact guide for you!



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