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      Due to supply issues with Bosch, my local appliance store suggested I go with Cafe since I ordered the Cafe fridge, kitchen hub and range. My main concern is leaking from the dishwasher since I just had hardwood floors installed. I ordered the smart café dishwasher but no delivery date yet. Any idea what the holdup is with these Cafe dishwashers? Is GE/Cafe experiencing delay issues also?

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      So the dishwasher category was very hard hit with the supply chain issues. Cafe was severely impacted I only see them trickling in with some models 6 months on backorder. The Cafe is a decent dishwasher, but the Bosch 800 is definitely better. If you’re doing all stainless, then anything could match. Regardless you’re going to have a tough time with any brand. The leak protection system on the Bosch/Thermador saved my kitchen just a few months back. The internal overflow valve backs up with water, and it shut off the water when it senses a leak. This was great as I had a tiny small puddle vs. putting down a new floor! The feature is totally worth it.

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