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      This is my fancy rendition of our appliance pantry. Open to nature apparently 😅 You can see we want to build-in a microwave on a shelf.

      I need a rec on a nice microwave that is safe for this space. It can either be a stand-alone unit and sit on a shelf or be a built-in unit and I’ll have my trim guy build around it.

      It doesn’t need to have a vent, although maybe we get an OTR so it can suck up the steam from the Instant Pot? Idk. I’ve always thought OTR microwaves had worthless vents so…would love your thoughts/ideas.

      Budget is $300-500. Thank you! 😊

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      I love the photo! I thank you for it. While the over-the-range microwave may make sense if not vented outside. All it will do is suck the steam up from the bottom and push it out the top. I love the open-shelf design, and I would lean towards a high-quality unit with no trim kit, just on the shelf. So it doesn’t break up the look and is easier to change out down the road. Why not even look for a microwave with the new air fry option or even convection mode? Will be really versatile. My only concern is the depth. But here is a great unit from Panasonic very high quality and like 5 cooking modes!


      model# NN-CD85ks


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