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      Whitney Klein

      I received information regarding an extended warranty from Bosch in the mail today for my new 800 refrigerator. Is it worth it to purchase it? Thanks!

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      So the extended warranties are tricky, on one hand, you say it’s a brand new appliance it shouldn’t break, so why would I spend the extra?! On the other hand, things are computerized today and are very quirky, so the smallest of issues cost you $125 for a service guy to walk in the home, not to mention the parts. I like extended warranties and encourage people to buy them on select products, usually fridges, stoves, dishwashers, washers, and other highly mechanical items. The main thing is the cost. I feel a warranty for 5-full years. 1st year from the manufacturer, then 4 more from the servicer shouldn’t exceed 10% of the purchase price and many times less. If you bought it from, let’s say, a home center, they usually are 20-30% less than buying it directly from the manufacturer. It’s your call, but if the cost falls in line, I would take it. I can’t tell you how many times 3-4 years later, in general with appliances, someone calls to say the ice maker stopped working or the computer went out, and it’s so nice when they’re covered.

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