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      Looking for an appliance package that is either Black Matte or Black Stainless.  Which brand is least resistant to scratching?  I’ve heard Bosch is, but is their range ok?  I think it would be tough to match finishes?  We are also looking at GE Profile Black Stainless.  I’ve heard some brands of black stainless just use an overlay and would def like to avoid that!  TIA for recommendations!

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      So Bosch is really the only true black stainless as it is not a coating. GE is the only True matte black. GE in black stainless, like most brands, is a coating, and it can scratch through over time and reveal bare metal. I would do Bosch if going black stainless or a full GE matte black finish in the cafe line. I have sold many Bosch units in black stainless, and the customers are very happy with the way it cleans. Cafe, on the other hand, will offer some unique handle options and product choices.


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