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      Hi Al, I am spinning my head with purchasing my new Bosch appliances. There are additional accessories included in the purchase order that I don’t know if the showroom is trying to make more money off me, or if I truly need the accessories.  Another showroom I went to didn’t add in these accessories (dishwasher install kit, fridge ice maker supply line).


      Additionally, are there any optional accessories that I need to look into?


      Appreciate all of your help, you’ve really helped me along this process of ordering new appliances!


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      So these are accessories that are required for the installation, some stores sell them and others rely on the plumber to provide. I like that they offered them to you as it shows they are trying to provide you with what you need to put them in and worst case if you don’t you can return them but better to have on site than running around to  home center looking for  them day of install.  Some stores will not even offer installation without these as they want new reliable hoses and fittings when replacing units.  Great appliance list by the way!!

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