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      I need advice on a ducted hood insert for a 36” cooktop.  Maybe ine that won’t brake the bank since I just spent $20k on a fridge, oven and microwave.

      it doesn’t have to be super fancy; I know nothing about them.  I don’t have one at all now.  My husband is a Commerical HVAC guy so he’s going to run the ductwork.  Any advice you have there too might be helpful.

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      The fact your husband is familiar with ducting puts me at ease here.  So the fan is based on the width of the stove and the proper CFM needed based on your cooking type.  Many brands make sizes that coincide with a 30″ 36″ range 48″ etc.   XO is a brand who makes a reasonably price unit that has metal baffle filters, is quiet and comes in all the main sizes needed. They also wont break the bank! Here they are

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