Undercounter appliance drawers offer easy entertaining solutions customized for the kitchen they serve

If you’ve been following me, you may remember when I posted about the Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher, a favorite of mine. Well, I’m here today to talk about the Café Dishwasher Drawer which became available about a year ago in the personalized, fashion-forward finishes for which the brand is known for. The new Café drawers were created to create flexibility in kitchen zones that reflect the aesthetic of the homeowner and meets the needs of their lifestyle.

Stainless Steel Model # CDD420P2TS1 | White Matte Model # CDD420P4TW2 | Matte Black Model # CDD420P3TD1

Stainless Steel Model # CDD420P2TS1 | White Matte Model # CDD420P4TW2 | Matte Black Model # CDD420P3TD1

We all wish that our dishwasher could do two things at once! And now Café appliances has come up with a solution for that. The Café Dishwasher Drawer is the ultimate multi-tasking dishwasher, offering two dishwasher drawers in the same space as a traditional, single dishwasher. Use one or both drawers at the same time. This gives you the ability to choose different load settings, including the environmentally friendly small load and eco-cycle settings and temperatures to best clean what you put inside. Available in matte white, matte black and stainless steel with six customized handle finish options!

Café Dishwasher Drawer

Here’s another cool feature, the knock to pause function. Pause the dishwasher mid-cycle with a simple knock, then press start/play to resume the load. Have young kids or not interested in this feature for another reason? The unit has two different locking systems. One is a keylock and the other is child lock. When the child lock is active it disables all controls and even locks the drawers.

Café Dishwasher Drawer Knock to Pause Function

Also unveiled about a year ago is the Café Built-In Microwave Drawer Oven. Available in stainless steel model # CWL112P2RS1, matte black model # CWL112P3RD5, and matte white model # CWL112P4RW5. This unit is for those who need the speed of the microwave, but don’t want it on display. The built-in drawer microwave offers convenient cooking in just one touch. Achieve crisp, golden-brown results and heat distribution with a convection cooking setting to enjoy consistently delicious results with sensor cooking controls that automatically adjust the time and power.

Café Built-In Microwave Drawer Oven Café Built-In Microwave Drawer Oven

Glass touch controls create a sleek look while also helping make the microwave easy to use and clean! Not to mention, these controls are programmed with intuitive cooking controls enabling you to quickly microwave your favorites. To boot the 1.2 cu. ft. in capacity makes plenty of space for all of your dishes. Who doesn’t love a beautiful microwave drawer like this?

Now, you may be saying Al aren’t there other brands that offer this same technology? The answer is yes! I’ve boasted about the Sharp microwave drawer on more than one occasion. But, what sets Café apart here is the fact that you can now have both a built-in drawer microwave and dishwasher drawer that match all of your other appliances, if you are in the market for a complete appliance remodel. I think that added benefit of being able to have the same brand is big. In addition, Café will reward you for remodeling with up to a $2,000 rebate when you purchase select Café appliance suite combinations. So, there’s that extra benefit of saving some money! This current rebate expires on June 30, 2023.

Here’s how it works to get your Café Visa Prepaid Card:

Buy 4 Café appliances get $400

Buy 5 Café appliances get $900

Buy 6 Café appliances get $1,400

Buy 7 Café appliances get $2,000

I’m a big fan of Café for both their quality, look and price-point. They are a favorite of mine and part of my approved appliance package for best mid-range appliances. Anyone have either of these products? Please share your experiences with us.

Interested in buying Café appliances? Head to Plessers.com or call 1-877-957-5377 and tell them Al sent you to receive a discount!



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