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Have you heard of LG’s new product line called Signature Kitchen Suite aka SKS? Well, I’m here today to share some insight on the brand. With Signature Kitchen Suite’s full line of luxury, built-in appliances you’ll find the perfect blend of innovation, precision and purposeful design for every kitchen, and every appetite. I’m excited about this line as they’ve really made a push of accessibility. There was once a point in time a couple years ago, when it was hard to find a dealer that sold this line, which was funny for us dealers.

Buy More, Save More

Currently, Signature has great promotions going on that end December 31, 2023, offering the customer 5%, 10% and 15% cash back depending on the number of eligible appliances that are purchased. SKS is now more readily available as they’ve made a push to get dealers and promote this line. In addition, they are also currently offering a 3 year warranty and a 5 day repair promise.

Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances URNTS3106N, URETC1408N, LUTD4919SN

Featured in this image URNTS3106N, URETC1408N, LUTD4919SN.

So, you ask what are my thoughts on this line? Let’s explore some of Signature’s products.

The InstaView Door-in-door URNTS3106N is smart and wifi enabled. The wide and deep versatile pantry is available with different temperature settings for storing a wide range of foods from meats to fresh produce. Cold air is automatically released from ducts located at the top of the refrigerator to form a cold air barrier. The full stainless steel body with a scratch-resistant textured finish brings a clean and modern aesthetic to your kitchen and withstands all flaws.

I posted about their wine cellar refrigerator recently, URETC1408N. It’s a beautiful looking fridge that holds 65 wine bottles! This is definitely a must for the wine connoisseur. Some cool features I like is the Auto Open Door™ feature. It’s a smart sensor that opens the door automatically with a wave of a foot, so no more need to have a free hand when carrying over your bottles of wine to put into your wine refrigerator. This refrigerator is also a smart fridge and hooks up to LG’s app ThinQ®. If you don’t want to open the door with your foot, you can also open it with your voice! The bottom drawers have a Auto Lift Drawer™ which lifts up automatically with a push of a button for easy access to food and drinks, leaving the need to bend behind.

The InstaView feature is one that consumers now easily associate with LG. In the URETC1408N, the sleek, black mirrored glass panel illuminates with two quick knocks, so you can see inside without opening the door, reducing cold air loss to ensure your wine is well preserved. The stainless steel inside and out and scratch-resistant textured finish deliver an upscale, timeless design.

Signature Kitchen Suite Wine Cellar Refrigeration URETC1408N

Now, let’s take a look at one of their ranges the LUTD4919SN. This dual fuel range that offers a gas cooktop and electric all in one oven, giving you the versatility to cook how you prefer. It features a cool, fun and unique blue interior when you open this range – it is sure to make you happy when baking your next dish. Double oven ProBake Convection delivers even baking results, making it a perfect oven for the baker in your family. Say goodbye to cookies uncooked on one side of your pan and burned on another side! With ThinQ Care, now within the ThinQ app – get proactive smart alerts delivered right to your smartphone to help you understand your appliance needs, avoid any potential problems, and keep your LG appliances running at their best for years on end.


Signature Kitchen Suite Dual Fuel Range LUTD4919SN

The luxury kitchen comes together!

My thoughts summed up…

All in all, LG Signature seems to be a toss up at the moment with mixed reviews from consumers. I’m hoping the next year proves well for the line as they make a hard push in the appliance industry. Here are some models from Signature to be on the look out for:

  • 48″ Dual Fuel Range SKSDR480SIS
  • 36″ gas range SKSGR360GS
  • Ada compliant 36″ freestanding counter depth 3-door french refrigerator SKSFD3613S
  • 48″ french door column refrigerator with 4 drawers SKSFD4826P
  • 36″ Induction Cooktop SKSIT3601G
  • 30″ Double Wall Oven SKSDV3002S
  • 24″ Dishwasher SKSDW2411S
  • Panel Ready Dishwasher SKSDW2402P
  • Chimney Hood SKSCH3001S
  • 48″ Pro Hood SKSPH4802S

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