Thermador's New Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Thermador has just announced a 42″ and 48″ bottom-freezer unit coming sometime in 2023!

Thermador is heating up the cooling market with the addition of all-new built-in bottom-mount Refrigeration to the Freedom® Collection. Offering single-configuration solutions that combine Refrigerator and Freezer into 36”, 42”, and 48” widths, the powerful Thermador portfolio will provide consumers more features, more innovation, and more choices for exceptional preservation, truly personalized.

36-inch Reversible Door Models: T36IB100SP | T36BB110SS | T36BB120SS

36-inch French Door Models: 36IT100NP | T36BT110NS | T36BT120NS

42-inch French Door Models: T42IT100NP | T42BT110NS | T42BT120NS

48-inch French Door Models: T48IT100NP | T48BT110NS | T48BT120NS

These new Thermador bottom-freezer refrigerators have absolutely no shortage of nice, new features!

FullFlex Drawer

Drawers are becoming far more popular for storage in a bottom-freezer and can often provide some temperature settings to allow for customizability, but the new Thermador FullFlex Drawer features settings ranging from a full-on freeze to as lightly cool as you need to optimally store a cake! Between the freeze and the admittedly novel cake mode are all your favorite classic refrigerator settings like beverages, deli, and any other level of refrigeration!

Thermador FullFlex Drawer
The new FullFlex drawer offers pre-set temperatures including Freezer, Soft Freeze, Refrigerator, Beverages, Meat/Fish, Deli/ Cheese and Cake. Change the temperature at any time to suit your needs.

Next-Generation Cooling

What good is a nice, new refrigerator loaded with features if it doesn’t cool? These new Thermadors have an article’s worth of cooling features including one of my favorite features to see Dual Compressor/Evaporator designs these can really make a significant impact on the performance and longevity of a refrigerator and are just as impressive to me as Thermador’s “all-new intelligent freshness system” which alleges to “use the power of AI and automatically sets optimal temperature and humidity without touching a button” this could be a really impactful new feature going forwards! Or just some buzzword. I can’t wait to get some real, hands-on experience and customer feedback with these fridges!

Thermador Next-Gen Cooling
Experience our most advanced cooling ever featuring a dual compressor/evaporator, Cool Air Flow Technology and the all- new intelligent freshness system which recognizes produce using the power of AI and automatically sets optimal temperature and humidity without touching a button

Dual Ice Makers (42″ and 48″ units)

A good ice maker can really make a significant impact on the outcome of a party! and Thermador’s dual ice makers have the cocktail drinkers and the iced tea drinkers covered! Featuring Thermador’s Signature Diamond Ice for coolers and sodas, and Thermdor’s “all-new Cocktail-Sized ice in a unique geometric shape” This will sure to be a hit at parties and a perfect slow-melting companion to your next drink!

Thermador New Dual Ice Makers
Ice is always ready with our Elevated Dual Ice Makers, including our signature Diamond Ice plus all-new cocktail-sized ice in a unique geometric shape. *42” and 48” units only*


Beyond these three marquee features, there are still plenty of impressive and advanced aspects to these units under three design goals of Thermador! Innovation, Performance, and Design.  


Under this banner, Thermador boasts their techie features such as:

  • An innovative touchscreen to control all of this unit’s tech!
  • Up to four in-appliance cameras to take inventory whenever, wherever! (especially in the middle of the grocery store)
  • “Intelligent Appliance Control” that can scan items in the fresh bins and can adjust temperature and humidity
  • Voice controls enabled via “Home Connect
  • “Meaningful notifications” including FullFlex Drawer transition time, filter status updates, and critical food safety alerts
  • Full connectivity via the Home Connect™ app

Thermador Innovation

These fridges can allow up to four cameras inside!


Thermador builds these new refrigerators with top-of-the-line performance in mind!

  • Dedicated open-face Deli Drawer for easy access to provisions
  • Split-level shelves for increased personalization
  • Internal Water Dispenser preserves sleek exterior aesthetic
  • Door capacity accommodates gallon-sized bins
  • ThermaFresh Pro food preservation system
  • Elevated Dual Ice Maker produces signature Diamond Ice as well as oversized cocktail ice (42″ and 48″ models only)

Thermador Performance


Thermador Design

  • Seamless built-in aesthetic with midline drawer handles to match the height of undercounter products for enhanced visual continuity
  • Outfitted with luxury hardware for an elevated look and feel
  • Available in Professional and Masterpiece® Collection stainless steel designs as well as custom panel
  • Offered in 36”, 42” and 48” widths
  • Available in single-door and French-door configurations with bottom-mount freezer drawers
  • Organizational Freezer Baskets designed to prevent small items from slipping through venting
  • Vivid theater-style lighting makes Refrigerator contents more visible and accessible
  • Stainless steel interior walls add strength and a bold design

I love the look, I can’t wait to get these on the floor and to get some real experience and feedback on these units. Keep tuned to this page for any additional information I get sent, pricing design info deals, and more!

Thermador New Bottom Freezers

What do you guys think? Do you like them? Love them? Let me know in the comments.

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