New Appliance Alert: Viking Induction Rangetops

Viking Induction Rangetops

New Product Alert! Viking Induction Rangetops VIRT5304BSS and VIRT5366BSS

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you should know I’m a big proponent of Induction cooking technology. You also might know I think rangetops are an underrated style choice when it comes to splitting up your cooking surface and your oven while maintaining the power you feel when standing in front of a professional range! Today, we’re focusing on the new Viking VIRT5304BSS and VIRT5366BSS induction rangetops.

Induction is a great technology, and Viking makes an excellent rangetop! This should be a truly great pairing!

Precision and Speed: The Induction Experience! 

Induction cooking offers an unparalleled level of control. If you’ve ever heard someone saying that electric cooking is slow, you know they’ve never used an induction cooktop! Induction is the next step in electric-powered cooking, that leaves traditional electric coils and radiant glass tops in the past.

Imagine perfectly fried foods that are as crispy as they are succulent. Delicate ingredients like chocolate or sauces that simmer with the assurance that the heat can be changed at a moment’s notice to prevent it from breaking. Induction’s ability to heat the pan directly, rather than relying on an intermediary coil or pane of glass, translates into an instant and accurate response to your culinary whims.

You’re crafting a stir-fry that demands lightning-fast adjustments in temperature. With a mere touch of a button, the induction cooktop responds instantly, adapting to your culinary intuition. As the induction-compatible wok heats up or cools down with astonishing swiftness, the ingredients synchronize their dance, resulting in a symphony of flavors that’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

Let’s not forget the notorious water-boiling test. While an electric stove might sluggishly bring a pot of water to its boiling point, then be slow to respond when that same pot of boiling water needs to simmer on low, induction leaps into action with an urgency that’s hard to match! Bring the water to boiling fast, then take it back to a simmer! This speed isn’t merely a matter of convenience—it’s a testament to the efficiency and sheer power of induction cooking! All the energy goes into the pan and then the water. No heat is wasted on a whole glass pane or metal coil.

So many of my customers who switched to induction are thrilled that they did. It’s among one of my favorite calls to get from a client!

Viking Rangetops in 30 Inch and 36 Inch Sizes

Elevated Culinary Artistry with Viking Rangetops

The Viking VIRT5304BSS and VIRT5366BSS induction rangetops offer a premium experience that’s as much about aesthetics as it is about performance. From a luxurious, commercial kitchen style that will make you feel like a professional chef, using professional equipment! These rangetops feature Viking’s MagneQuick™ Induction Power Generators that utilize magnetic energy for superior power, responsiveness, and efficiency!

Another unique aspect of Viking’s induction rangetops is their power management induction system that boosts power on select elements, meaning faster boil times when you need it most!

Viking’s heavy-duty BlackChrome™ knobs and square bezels are shipped standard and lend to the premium, powerful restaurant-quality feel of these pieces!

Imagine a culinary canvas with controls elegantly positioned at the front, allowing you to orchestrate your culinary symphony gracefully and easily.

The familiar layout evokes the traditional kitchen range knobs on the front are preferred by many and a common complaint of customers who are unsatisfied with the knobs sticking up and out of their cooktop. Maintaining the familiarity of a standard range is a design choice that infuses your cooking endeavors with a touch of nostalgia and the power of a pro chef at the same time!

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