New Appliance Alert: Electrolux Laundry Tower Series

New Appliance Alert: Electrolux Laundry Tower Series


Just Ask Al here. Ready to share some breaking news! Just announced from Electrolux—The Electrolux LaundryTower Series. All of the quality from standard Electrolux laundry, is now available in a space-saving stacked design! Let’s dive right in and explore these fantastic new washer and dryer stacks.

Electrolux Laundry Tower - New Product Alert!

One of the most exciting aspects of this appliance launch is the difference between what’s new here and what’s familiar. The innovation here is really concentrated in this being Electrolux’s first stacked, laundry tower design. The controls and user interface are the substantial leaps forward here. Among the testing numbers they shared with me these seem to be a well-liked and well-designed control scheme.

UI Design Appeal

Besides the new look and new controls, these machines are largely unchanged under the hood. I personally use their existing front-loading washer and dryer combo at home and they have been dependable workhorses! Let’s go over the established Electrolux features these machines have and what makes them so great.

LuxCare® Dry System: A Gentle Touch for Your Fabrics

Now, we know drying is just as important as washing, right? Electrolux gets it too! The LuxCare® Dry System is like having a gentle guardian for your fabrics. The smart sensor detects humidity levels, so no more over or under-drying mishaps. It saves time, energy, and most importantly, your beloved garments.

Fast and Convenient: 30-Minute Wash and Dry

Who’s got time to wait around for laundry to finish? Not you! The Electrolux LaundryTower series offers a speedy 30 Minute Wash and Dry setting. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get clean and dry clothes, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Reversible Doors: A Simple Luxury

One question I get no matter what washer/dryer/combo I talk to customers/community members about is if the doors have a reversible swing direction! Nothing feels worse than getting the new washer and dryer all set up to realize the doors are going to clash with cabinets or even one another! On the flip side, nothing feels better than getting to tell someone they won’t have to worry about that now or in the future because they can swap the door swing whenever they want!

Unparalleled Flexibility in installation and setup

Electrolux stands head and shoulders above its competition with regard to all of the options you have in how you vent and install these units!

Electrolux vs. the Competition

One of my favorite notes here is the ease of washer repair. My most asked question on these kinds of units is, “What do I do if only one-half of the unit breaks or needs repair?” Electrolux has you covered with a removable front panel for easy repair although Electrolux manufactures well-built and durable workhorses you can never prepare for some of the chaos of life and this panel should make accidents a little less stressful if something goes wrong.

300 Series: Simply Elegant in White

The 300 series is all about simplicity and elegance. Imagine a crisp white finish that blends effortlessly into any laundry space. And the cycles? They’re thoughtfully designed to handle your laundry with care and efficiency.

300 series model numbers:

ELTE7300AW Electric Dryer, White

ELTG7300AW Gas Dryer, White

Approximate retail: $2,099

600 Series: Superior Performance in White and Titanium

Now, if you’re craving some advanced features and that touch of sophistication, the 600 series has got your back. It’s like stepping into the world of professional-style cooking without breaking the bank. The stunning Titanium finish adds a touch of luxury to your laundry experience.

600 Series Exclusive Features

SmartBoost® Technology: A Game-Changer in Stain Removal

You won’t believe the magic of Electrolux’s SmartBoost® Technology. Picture this: water and detergent mixed to perfection before the cycle even starts, giving your clothes the deepest clean they’ve ever experienced. Tough stains? Say goodbye to those! SmartBoost® is all about extending the life of your clothing while keeping them squeaky clean.

Optic Whites™: Whiter Than Bleach? You Bet!

We all love our whites to shine like new, and that’s where Optic Whites™ come in. These cycles prevent dirt and residues from making a comeback on your favorite whites. You can ditch the bleach and let Optic Whites™ work their magic, keeping your clothes dazzling for longer.

Pure Rinse: Rinse cleaner without more water!

Remove detergent residues and fragrances that can irritate skin with Pure Rinse™ which rinses cleaner than an extra rinse without using more water.

600 series model numbers:

ELTE7600AT Electic Dryer, Titanium

ELTE7600AW Electic Dryer, White

ELTG7600AT Gas Dryer, Titanium

ELTG7600AW Gas Dryer, White

Approximate retail: $2,699


300 Series

ELTE7300AW Electric Dryer, White

ELTG7300AW Gas Dryer, White

600 Series

ELTE7600AT Electic Dryer, Titanium

ELTE7600AW Electic Dryer, White

ELTG7600AT Gas Dryer, Titanium

ELTG7600AW Gas Dryer, White


Well, folks, there you have it—the Electrolux LaundryTower series, a true game-changer in the laundry world. With SmartBoost® Technology and Optic Whites™, stains won’t stand a chance, and your whites will dazzle like never before. The LuxCare® Dry System adds a gentle touch to your fabrics, ensuring they’re treated with the utmost care.



Interested in buying these new Electrolux Laundry Tower models? Head to or call 1-877-957-5377 and tell them Al sent you to receive a discount!



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