Big Chill Combines Solid Internals with Stunning, Colorful, Designs

Big Chill Appliances

Sometimes, the newest and most modern stainless steel appliances with glass doors on the refrigerators just don’t fit our style, we want a throwback to the old-school appliances. Think more Leave It To Beaver. A nice top freezer icebox-style!

Many people have been asking about the retro appliance brand Big Chill. It’s really new technology with old skin.

Big Chill is a brand I have sold for about 15 years. Founded in 2003 in Colorado by Tom Vernon and his nephew. They saw a void in this area of the appliance market and ran with it. They started with their classic line, making a fridge for a friend’s beach house, and the rest is history.

They have now evolved into three lines Classic, Pro, and their premier line Retro. All with a distinctive look. They run the gambit from the 1900’s inspired industrial to something out of I Love Lucy, to more modern and streamlined offerings.

The Classic line is for more of an industrial look:

In the Classic line of appliances from Big Chill, we get an industrial old-school, turn-of-the-century look. Think something from Downtown Abbey.  We might not have a team of servants to cook our meals, but we can have the period-appropriate appliances for it! Whether it’s a range with brass accents complete with a matching hood to wow your dinner guests.

Big Chill Classic Range

Big Chill Classic Hood BC-CLASSICHT Classic Range BCS1900-CLA-30

Or a regal, Classic two-door fridge with sturdy latches and pull bars that looks like it should have a block of ice loaded into it every day.

Big Chill Classic Fridge

Big Chill Classic Fridge 22BF-CLA

If the styling you have in mind can be described as “grand” or “industrialized” or just “classy” the Classic line has the options and styling to wow.

The Pro Line Keeps It Modern

Maybe you want a more contemporary choice? You have your Classic or Retro appliance picked out but don’t want the others to take the spotlight. For that Big Chill has the Pro line. Not tons of depth here just the same guts on the other two lines, but in a nice modern look.

Big Chill Pro Range Refrigerator

Big Chill Pro Range BCS36-PRO Pro Fridge 19BF-PRO

These are perfect if you want the colors of your kitchen to match across appliances! The same customizability of the other lines is here so you can have a perfectly coordinated, subtle combo with the Classic or Retro Big Chill range or fridge as the cornerstone of your kitchen.

Red Big Chill Kitchen
A Big Chill Pro Series Range BCS36-PRO with a Retro Series fridge 21TF. The best of both worlds!

The one, the only, Big Chill Retro Series

Blue Big Chill Kitcen

Big Chill Retro Fridge 21TF Retro Dishwasher DW24 Retro Range BCS30 Retro Hood BC-RETROH

This is probably what you came here for!

Big Chill’s Retro Line features a throwback range and refrigerator styles in a multitude of colors, some of the most unique offerings in the series are modern technologies scaled into a retro design they might not have had induction cooktops or microwave ovens this small (seriously, the old microwaves were gigantic). With these appliances you have an unmistakable style in your kitchen with unmistakable reliability. Big Chill is not an appliance manufacturer, but more of an appliance tuner. They take the chassis from various brands and give them a new life, with crazy styling and bold colors! Speaking of colors check out the styling options:

Look at all these options! If the standard and premium colors didn’t provide enough options, here is a massive selection of custom colors. While the exact color options vary from appliance to appliance the point here is the sheer quantity of options! Sure to give you exactly what color you desire.

Big Chill Retro Fridge 21TF in Jadite Green, Beach Blue, Classic White, Premium Black

Whether you are re-doing a beach house, a small apartment, or just love the styling Big Chill sets itself apart from almost anything else out there on the market. They are mostly handmade, so there is a long lead time to get the product, but it’s well worth the wait for the look.

Big Chill Retro Slim Fridge 11TF

Big Chill Retro Slim Fridge 11TF

Are they the most technologically advanced products? Not by any measure! But, will someone walk into your house and say WOW?!
Yes, yes, they will!

Being close to Fire Island New York, I have sold many there. In addition to the Jersey shore, and the Hamptons over the years.

Big Chill Induction Range BCRI30

Big Chill Induction Range BCRI30

What do you think of these outrageous looks? From a retro stove to an old, icebox-looking fridge with large door latch handles, to an orange modern induction range, they’ve got it all! Does anyone have these? I would love to see a photo!



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