Smart Appliances, Statement Pieces & Colors - Oh My!

I’ve been traveling and going to trade shows, as I always do at the start of a new year at least prior to covid. Luckily now, all the shows are coming back which is incredible for me so I can see in person all the latest trends and new releases of products! I’m here to share that knowledge and insight with you today.

Smart Appliances, Statement Pieces & Colors – Oh My!

It is no surprise that smart appliances continue to be on trend. Every manufacturer is looking for the latest and greatest features and gadgets and to see what consumers will love and graviate to. I’ve spoken about the LG MoodUp refrigerator in one of my other blogs and the technology of these appliances continues to amaze me. Change the color of your refrigerator to fit your mood or season with over 190,000 color options the possibilities are endless!

LG MoodUP Refrigerator. Knock twice to see what's inside. Simply knock twice on the instaview glass to see inside the refrigerator and illuminate the contents within.

Colors have become focal points of kitchens and laundry rooms for that matter! Purchase a range with that special pop of color and it really creates a statement in your kitchen! Similar to the LG concept but not exactly, Samsung came up with a unique idea for their Bespoke refrigerators which are available for consumers to order now (depending on model) and pre-order other units. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to create the color scheme that you envision in your home!

Here are the options:

Steel: Stainless, Matte Black, Navy, Emerald Green

Glass: Charcoal, Clementine, White, Pink, Rose Pink, Sunrise Yellow, Morning Blue, Matte Sky Blue, Matte Grey, Navy

Now, these options vary depending on their 4-door and 3-door french refrigerators, 4-door flex and side-by-side pieces. Another cool option they offer is customization. Be the only person on your block or in the world for that matter with a custom design! Upload your own original art work or personal photography and really give your home the flair it deserves. This fridge offers the Family Hub with wi-fi capabilities and Alexa built-in, you can see into your fridge from anywhere, stream music, manage family calendars and so much more! The new AI technology has the ability to scan your fridge for it’s contents helping keep track of inventory while also helping to manage your grocery list. Say goodbye to the rotting leftovers in the back of your fridge or that forgotten condiment! Would you like a choice of ice cubes? A dual ice maker is featured for both regular and small cubes. Samsung didn’t miss a beat with this one! The jury is still out on performance, but don’t you worry I will keep my community posted.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigeration

Samsung Bespoke AI Wall Oven

Samsung Bespoke AI Wall Oven

Samsung is always trying to find trends to meet consumer needs and they did just that with the Samsung Bespoke AI Wall Oven. This unit is equipped with an internal camera, so you can send pictures right to your social media pages of what you are cooking or baking inside! In addition, the smart technology can detect up to 80 different dishes (106 in Europe) and can recommend an appropriate cooking temperature, cooking mode and time! Making it super easy when you get home from a long day to pop in your dinner and let the oven do the rest of the work. The oven will even send you notifications to help prevent your food from burning! Who’s the real hero now?! In addition, the oven has a push to open feature making it super easy to open and creating a sleek design.

This unit is already available in Europe with hopes to be available in North America sometime later this year!


Other brands like GE continue to offer smart technology. We saw how great this technology can really be with the updating of software to update new features hence, the addition of the air fry cook mode option. It was great for current GE and Café owners to get this instant upgrade to their appliance, upgrading their unit while also helping to save some counter space and cut costs on an additional air fryer for the kitchen.

I’ve mentioned how colors are trending this year, but also the flexibility of interchanging pieces to create a new look for the kitchen has become a unique trend. I’ve posted how Café let’s you change your hardware. Choose from brushed stainless, brushed bronze, brushed black, brushed cooper, flat black and brushed brass. Ilve is another brand that created a similar offering with their brass, copper, chrome, and bronze handles. This helps freshen up your kitchen and give it a new look, while avoiding the costs of a complete renovation.

These are some fun trends I came across in my travels. What do you think? Ready to spring for that LG MoodUp fridge or add in the Samsung AI wall oven? Year after year, we continue to see changes in the appliance industry. Comment below and let me know what you’d like to see!

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