Al's Picks: Energy Efficient Appliances for 2024

Energy Efficient Appliances of 2024

The Top Energy Saving Appliances of 2024

Did you know that January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Day? Cutting energy use on appliances is not just good for the environment, but for your wallet. We’ve picked one appliance from each category that will save you the most energy, and as only Al can pick them, with his decades of knowledge.

Bosch 24 Inch Dishwasher with 3rd Rack Model # SHX9PCM5N


Energy Efficient Dishwasher 

The Bosch 24 Inch Dishwasher With 3rd Rack, Water Softener and Interior Light Model # SHX9PCM5N is not only very energy efficient but is also a Consumer Report’s Top Pick! With an estimated yearly electric cost of $34, you’ll be saving a lot of money. Customers also love how quiet this model is! So quiet at 39 dBA, the TimeLight® shines time remaining on the floor so you know the dishwasher is running.

This model also comes with a third rack to add extra space inside. The Flexible 3rd Rack adds 30% more loading area, perfect for utensils and ramekins.

If you’re into technology, you’ll also love that this dishwasher is Wi-Fi enabled with Home Connect®.
You can access additional wash cycles and options or choose the right one for your needs.

For the design-minded. This model also boasts three looks. One stainless steel model with a flat panel, one with a pocket handle and one that is panel ready to seamlessly integrate with your other kitchen cabinets.

Bosch SHX9PCM5N Dishwasher


Energy Efficient Range

The Cafe’ 30 Inch Slide-In Induction Smart Range with 5 Element Burners Model # CHS90XM2NS5 is inherently energy saving using induction to heat pans. Because induction appliances only create heat through pots and pans on their surfaces, they are much more efficient than traditional cooktop appliances. Induction appliances are up to three times more efficient than gas stoves, and up to 10% more efficient than conventional smooth top electric ranges.

For the avid home chef this is an amazing pick! You can get gourmet results without any guesswork with Gourmet Guided Cooking, which combines video-guided recipes from chefs with a system that automatically adjusts the time, temperature and cooking pace for perfect results!

This range turns any pan into a smart pan and automatically maintains a set temperature within one degree, thanks to a cooktop sensor that gives you total control from either the display or your smartphone. Technology makes this range shine with a 7″ LCD touch screen that looks stunning and makes it easy to control your oven with the touch of a finger.

Energy Efficient Refrigerator

The Fisher Paykel 32″ French Door Refrigerator Freezer Model # RF170ADJX4 will only cost you $64/ year in electric. This refrigerator combines contemporary design with great functionality. Counter-depth design, with a stylish stainless steel finish for a seamless look. The ActiveSmart™ Foodcare technology helps keep food fresher for longer as well.

Cleaning your refrigerator can be a nightmare but this model makes it easy with their  EZKleen feature for stainless steel fridges. Anti-fingerprint coating means you simply wipe clean any marks, and  spill-safe secure glass shelves easily capture any drips or leaks.

You’ll love how easy this refrigerator is to use with the SmartTouch control panel. It’s been designed to be intuitive for ease to use, and is conveniently placed near the front of the fridge.


Energy Efficient Washer/Dryer Combo

The GE Ultrafast Combo With Ventless Heat Pump Technology Model # PFQ97HSPVDS has been the talk of the town. This one and done laundry solution will only cost $19 a year to power. You get 50% more energy efficient drying** with Ventless Heat Pump (**Efficiency rating as compared to the requirements for ENERGY STAR qualification for standard electric dryers). Aside from the energy savings, you also save a whole lot of space needing only one appliance to do the job of two!

With 4.7 average star reviews, our customers are really taken with this appliance and Al is a big believer in this model too. It’s a favorite of his! You can understand why when you can wash and dry a large load of laundry in about 2 hours without the hassle of transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer.

We also love that you can save time and effort with an intelligent dispenser that holds enough detergent and softener for up to 32 loads. Plus, scan the barcode on the detergent or softener bottle with the SmartHQ™ app and the washer will dispense the right amount for each load! This appliance is definitely a game-changer!

Check out my full review of the GE Ultrafast Combo here!

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