What makes Speed Queen washers and dryers the top of their class?

I get asked certain questions all the time:

Do they still make old-school reliable washers and dryers?

Al, what is the best washer out there?

I need a washer that cleans clothes, not a machine that can talk to my phone and my refrigerator

The best answer that I can give you is go with Speed Queen all day!

For your Laundry needs go with a Speed Queen! A Speed Queen is the washer your parents and grandparents had. It predominantly features manual timers, heavy-duty motors, and agitation. Making them reliable workhorses.

Simply put, Speed Queen is a beast of a washer. Simple, no-frills, limited features. Except it works well, and most service guys will agree, they don’t break all that often.

Speed Queen has no shortage of options! From the traditional Speed Queen top-load washer with manual timers, with a few options featuring a digital display. Then, to round out the collection, Speed Queen has some front-load versions. I like the TC5003 model. It even lacks a lid lock! So, if you forgot to put in a garment open it up, drop it in, and wash away!

Photo taken from a trade show I was at!

Here’s a great visual of why Speed Queen has such an incredible track record! While less visually noisy than your tech-loaded washers. Features like manual timers, a heavy-duty motor paired with an agitator, “Solid base suspension” and a metal outer tub really make these units incredible, durable workhorses!

Interested in purchasing Speed Queen appliances? Head to Plessers.com or call 1-877-957-5377 and tell them Al sent you!

Speed Queen Front Load Washers and Matching Dryers
A comparison of the Speed Queen front loader washers model no. FF7009WN, FF7009BN, FF7010WN, FF7010BN With matching dryers
Speed Queen Top Load Washer Specs
A comparison of the Speed Queen top load washers model no. TC5003WN, TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN, and TR7003BN


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