Why True Residential is a Great Investment for your Home

Have you heard of the brand True? Well, if you’ve ever grabbed a drink from a refrigerator at a convenience store, chances are it was manufactured by True. True has been the industry leader in commercial refrigeration since 1945. True is a fantastic, high-quality brand, but also has a great history. The company was started in 1945 by a father and his son, with his other son joining them soon after. Bob Trulaske, his father Frank and brother Art developed their refrigeration company from their garage in St. Louis. They built the first 40 cu. ft upright freezer on the market and soon after began manufacturing wrapped Rail Roll-Top Bottle Coolers for beer and beverages.

However, strangely enough, if it wasn’t for the soda brand 7UP who knows where they would be today. One of the Trulaske’s very first refrigerators was used in a local neighborhood bar to keep their beverages cold. One day a 7UP salesman was doing work in the area and stopped by this local bar for a drink. While relaxing with a drink he noticed the Trulaske’s refrigerator and when he discovered it didn’t require heavy, expensive blocks of ice he knew he had to know who made it. So, just 3 years after starting True, 7UP purchased its first order of True Roll Top Bottle coolers in 1948 and this was just the start of a long-standing partnership with True Manufacturing.

The partnership between 7UP and True Manufacturing was just the beginning of the True legacy. In 1954 True sold its first coolers to the Caribbean and Central American markets in an effort to begin selling internationally. In 1957, True is approved by Pepsi-Cola and in 1961, True is approved by Coca-Cola and they create their first logo (pictured in the far-left corner of the below image).


Their success continued year after year, constantly expanding and improving. It was only time before the brand expanded its business to consumers’ homes. In 2008, True Residential officially launches its first-generation product line in the California Market. From there, True kept developing its residential side of business to become what it is today. With a brand being so dominant in the commercial industry, it is obvious their residential products do not disappoint. At True Residential they like to say, “Luxury refrigeration with commercial DNA”. True Residential gives the same precise attention to quality and detail that industry professionals demand. Below are some of the highly rated products you can add to your home!


(Cobalt Blue – TR-48SBS-SG-C~078-H04)

Stainless Steel Stainless Glass Door – TR-48SBS-SG-C, Gloss Black Stainless Glass Door – TR-48SBS-SG-C~044-H04, Matte Black Stainless Glass Door – TR-48SBS-SG-C~027-H04, Emerald Stainless Glass Door – TR-48SBS-SG-C~086-H04, Saffron Stainless Glass Door – TR-48SBS-SG-C~103-H04, Sage Stainless Glass Door – TR-48SBS-SG-C~129-H04, Matte White Stainless Glass – TR-48SBS-SG-C~030-H04
The True 48″ is changing the way we think about luxury appliances. Clean, modern, and inspired by the artistry and work ethic of the best professional chefs, this full-sized refrigerator gives high-end residential kitchens the look, workspace, and performance of the best professional kitchens around the world. For more color options, click here. Which finish, hardware and door combination would you choose?
In addition, True offers features that include;
  • Beautifully crafted glass door with stainless steel frame.
  • Soft closing, stainless steel drawers.
  • Ramp up Lighting.
  • Glass adjustable shelves.
  • Stainless steel freezer baskets.
  • Built-in Ice Maker produces up to 3 lbs./day of prism shaped ice with 5 lbs. storage capacity.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors.

You won’t be disappointed in functionality or looks with this refrigerator.

Some other great products by True:

24″ Undercounter Refrigerator Drawer


True Residential TUR24DSSC 24 Inch Counter Depth Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator Drawer with 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity, TruLumina® LED Lighting, True Precision Control®, True®-Glide, Sabbath Mode Compliant, UL Rated, and ENERGY STAR®: Stainless

Cobalt Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-078-H04, Gloss Black Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-044-H04, Matte Black Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-027-H04, Emerald Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-086-H04, Saffron Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-103-H04, Sage Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-129-H04, Matte White Solid Stainless Door – TUR-24D-OP-C~DSK-030-H04

This product is such a useful addition to anyone’s home and can even be used indoors or outdoors. They’re designed to offer complete flexibility and enhance your existing space. More features below;

  • Industry exclusive, 300-series stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • Patented TruLumina® LED lighting gently illuminates your product and allows you to choose from 14 different color options.
  • True Precision Control® with steel touch technology and readout provides digital accuracy.
  • Balanced, forced-air refrigeration system enables rapid product pull down and even temperature throughout.
  • Exclusive True®-Glide soft-close feature for both drawers.
  • Rated for both beverage and open food storage.
  • Sabbath mode compliant.




Cobalt – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-078-H04, Gloss Black – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-044-H04, Matte Black – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-027-H04, Emerald – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-086-H04, Saffron – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-103-H04, Sage – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-129-H04, Matte White – TUI-15-R-OP-D~DSK-030-H04

The True Icemaker is perfect for indoors or outdoors. it provides maximum ice production, up to 85 lbs. per day with storage of 28 lbs. All models have a drain pump and water filter built-in. Beautiful clear cubes will make the perfect complement to your beverage of choice.

30″ Wine Column


Cobalt – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~078-H04, Gloss Black – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~044-H04, Matte Black – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~027-H04, Emerald – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~086-H04, Saffron – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~103-H04, Sage – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~129-H04, Matte White – TR-30DZW-R-SG-C~030-H04

For serious wine collectors, for the entertainers, and for those who simply love knowing that their favorite wines are always at-hand, the 30″ Wine Column is a perfect fit for any home. Intuitive dual-zone True Precision® Control, full-extension smooth-glide racks, and gentle TruLumina® LED lighting, the 30″ Wine Column beautifully preserves, protects, and shows off up to 150 of your favorite bottles.

No matter what product you choose from True you will be guaranteed quality!



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