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      How do you feel about the newer SQ front loaders? I’ve been reading about people having issues and wondering if the quality has gotten worse. Do you feel it’s worth spending the extra money?  I’m liking the reviews on the GE fresh models. I dunno the more I read the more I get confused on what to buy. I’m replacing whirlpool duets set front load that’s 20 years old. Thanks Al!

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      I really like the speed queen front loaders and am surprised to hear of the issues. With that being said I still prefer the ultra fresh GEs as my top front load pick. I would go speed queen on the basic top loaders for old school simple reliable units.  The GEs are also ,more like the whirlpool your use to with more updated features. Ultra fresh for me, and GE has a vast support network compared to speed queen as well.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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