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      How did the two differ? I was dead set on getting an oven with a built in air fryer. I have the new wave elite, but it is a massive appliance to take out on the daily. But then I saw the speed ovens can replace oasters and microwaves and now I’m torn which one to focus my money on! Thanks!

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      So a speed oven basically is a microwave convection unit that utilizes both functions at the same or intermittently to get things done with the speed of a microwave but the browning nature of an electric element.  An air fry feature found in many regular stoves today is like convection on steroids. It is a higher-speed fan and computer-controlled algorithm that will crisp items thoroughly with the additional use of perforated trays so the food is cooked from all sides. Air fry is an option found in many new ovens today and works great. So speed oven is good for micro replacement as most speed ovens function as a microwave as well yet most air fry features are just an added option to a stove. Two different appliances.  Not to totally confuse you but this unit from GE is almost like an all-in-one as their Advantium technology does give results as an air fryer would. GE / MONOGRAM Oven

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