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      Hi All, As part of the Thermador “One Two Free” Sales Event, we plan to receive the the Thermador MD24WS 24″ MicroDrawer® Microwave as one of our free appliances.  However, the Sharp SMD2499FS 24″ Built-In Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven is catching our eye based on the early reviews (and flexibility)!

      Would you move forward with purchasing the Sharp convection and trying to sell the Thermador?  Is there a secondary market for one-off appliances?  Or would a brand new appliance (still in the box) lose much of its value after it’s delivered (like when a car is driven off the sales lot)?

      We understand we could get a Thermador ventilation system instead of the microwave as part of the promotion, but believe we could find an equally reliable option that is not Thermador for less money than the microwave’s value.

      Thank you!

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      So, it really depends on if you did a double oven or a single. If a double the Sharp would be nice, but not 100% necessary. If a single like a 36″ range, I would do the sharp as it can be a second oven when needed. Gives you air fry and speed bake! Then swap the 1 2 free promos over the hood insert as it’s too good a promotion to miss out on. Tough call, but the sharp is a great multi-functional unit. Watch out on the Thermador hoods. They tend to be deep and many cabinets can’t accommodate them, so ask the kitchen designer. The secondary market is tough, as the unit probably is worth $1699 retail, and wholesale $950, but it is sellable. Especially right now with everything backordered.


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